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Project Logistics

JET8 specializes in the shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. As every project is unique, every logistics strategy demands a fully customized, hands-on approach. Our expert team has the know-how and experience to get the job done…on time, on budget. Also they have the experience and tools to transport your most challenging cargo, even when it's too large to fit within a standard shipping container's length, width or height. (3A2) Especially, we would support construction project. Also we can offer the supply chain shipments for the maintenance parts.

Rental Equipments

We have designed this search tool to help you easily find the Construction Rental Equipment that is right for your project. Every piece of equipment we have in our rental fleet is included. The catalogue is instantaneously updated when we add new types of equipment as soon as it is ready to rent. All large pieces of equipment include the detailed manufacturer’s specifications in PDF format so you can find lifting capacity, height, weight or whatever the specification that is critical to your application.

Other Service

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